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White Rock is a city in British Columbia, Canada. It is a member municipality of Metro Vancouver, the governing body of the Greater Vancouver Regional District. It borders Semiahmoo Bay and is surrounded on three sides by Surrey. To the south lies the Semiahmoo First Nation, which is within the city limits of Surrey. Semiahmoo Bay and the Southern Gulf Islands in the Strait of Georgia are also to the south.



The large, white rock for which White Rock British Columbia is named, figures prominently in narratives of the local Coast Salish People. One legend claims that the white rock denotes the landing spot of a stone that was thrown across the Strait of Georgia by a young chief.The legend holds that he and his bride would move from Vancouver Island to wherever the rock landed to make a home together. It was their descendants who became the Semiahmoo- Canada’s First Nation people.



A more modern telling of how the city was named, suggest that  the city is indeed named for a distinctive large white 486-ton granite boulder on its beach near the promenade- a glacial erratic that migrated south during the last glaciation.



Whatever the origin of the rock, what holds true, is that this lone White Rock has birthed a large, bustling, diverse metropolis with a moderate climate and a thriving community.



White Rock; although a smaller community is still rich in the Canadian spirit and diversity. The waterside is an inviting area for seaside strolls and leisure activities. The sun kissed mountain ranges with their greenery adds texture and balance to a thriving city. The commercial and residential structures herald a melding pot of vision, self-expression and creative genius. New and old world styles strikes a harmonious accord that compliments rather than outshines each other.



Although this smaller city may seem a tad ordinary the cuisine is far from… fine eateries prepare the tastiest of dishes encompassing local and international flare.



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