Asbestos Abatement


Asbestos removal services include identifying potential hazards, disposing substances and materials, and repairing what was damaged. Remember, asbestos fibers are too small to see just by staring at the surface. It is extremely important that a qualified expert be consulted when removing asbestos with buildings. Asbestos Vancouver has the expert team for asbestos removal services.


Mold Remediation


Mould remediation is needed when water damage is present, especially if dampness has been undiscovered or unaddressed for long periods of time. Care must be taken in removing mold contaminated materials during demolition. If improperly removed, it will cause toxic spores to become airborne and make the surrounding air unsafe to breathe. At Asbestos Vancouver, our professionals are trained in the safe remediation of mold environments. We identify the mold, isolate the area and eliminate it. Finally, we clean and safely dispose of infested materials.


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