Asbestos Testing in Vancouver



  • Bulk Asbestos samples
  • Airborne Asbestos Samples


We provide inspection and testing for homes and commercial space:


  1. Kitchens and bathrooms
  2. Roofs and attics
  3. Decks, pipes, and outside walls
  4. Doors and windows
  5. Ceilings and floorings
  6. Basements


Asbestos Abatement


Asbestos removal services include identifying potential hazards, disposing substances and materials, and repairing what was damaged. Remember, asbestos fibers are too small to see just by staring at the surface. It is extremely important that a qualified expert be consulted when removing asbestos with buildings. Asbestos Vancouver has the expert team for asbestos removal services.


Mold Remediation


Mould remediation is needed when water damage is present, especially if dampness has been undiscovered or unaddressed for long periods of time. Care must be taken in removing mold contaminated materials during demolition. If improperly removed, it will cause toxic spores to become airborne and make the surrounding air unsafe to breathe. At Asbestos Vancouver, our professionals are trained in the safe remediation of mold environments. We identify the mold, isolate the area and eliminate it. Finally, we clean and safely dispose of infested materials.



Air Sampling


Worksafe BC recommends that asbestos air monitoring should be performed whenever ACM is being removed, to ensure that control measures are effective when working on or removing asbestos containing materials.
The four different types of asbestos air monitoring and testing include:
1. Pre-Abatement Sampling (Background)
2. Worker Exposure Sampling (Occupational)
3. Daily Abatement Sampling (Ambient)
4. Clearance Sampling



Demolition by Hand or Machine


Once inspections have been approved the completion of hazardous materials, property renovations or rebuild may need to take place. Our house demolition services are the homeowners who have property that are being refurbished or are damaged.



Vermiculite Insulation


We provide insulation removal and the replacement of old and improper insulation. We also specialize in the safe and effective asbestos insulation removal within attic spaces. Our certified environmental technicians remove the improper insulation with environmentally safe methods and replace it with effective heat regulating insulation such as batt or loose fill insulation.
Asbestos insulation is commonly found in residences developed prior to the 1980’s. This hazardous form of insulation can be found in homes, complexes, schools, offices, attics, basements and sliding. Asbestos insulation is a dangerous health hazard. Our environment specialists are highly qualified and trained in the safe removal of this form of insulation.



Site inspection and Clearance Letters
Asbestos Vancouver can provide the following inspections:



Pre-Abatement Inspection

The inspection checks that the hired contractor has submitted the appropriate notices, retained the required permits, provided proper certifications and documents, written adequate site specific work procedures, established proper work area containment and worker decontamination facility, assigned appropriate respiratory protection, operating equipment, and worker training to ensure a safe working environment to both workers and occupants.
Risk Assessments
An inspection is conducted to determine the condition of the asbestos containing material that may have been disturbed; its potential exposure and health risk; and provides recommendation on the type of remedial options.
Daily Inspection
The daily inspection checks if work is being conducted as per site specific work procedures and in accordance to safe work practices established by Worksafe BC. In addition, the integrity of the work enclosure or containment, and the cleanliness of the site are of utmost priority.
Clearance Inspection
The clearance inspection verifies that all identified asbestos containing materials specified in the scope of work for abatement have been removed, cleaned or is completed.
Hazardous Material Inspection
With the renovation and demolition of structures and building, especially older structures, comes the need to deal with hazardous materials. Through a building survey conducted by Vancouver Asbestos, the client will know the types, extent and condition of hazardous materials present. The safe abatement of all expected and concealed hazardous materials will need to conform to various Federal regulations. Asbestos Vancouver is certified to handle or dispose dangerous material, such as asbestos, polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB), lead, mercury, heavy metal, toxins and flammable or explosive material.


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