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Port Coquitlam is made up of a very ethnically diverse population of approximately 52,230 people. It is this diversity that has encouraged the further religious and cultural multiplicities. It is also this tolerance and acceptance that allows for the differentials in building, leisure and commercial activities.



Nature however does not need the approval of humans to dictate its flow. The environs of Port Coquitlam are enveloped in a cascading beauty for yearly blooms, forest-like flora and an abundance of indigenous fauna.  The natural beauty is so inviting, once you see it you would not want to leave. In the summer the color palate includes some sensual lilacs, bright shades of yellows and a wide variances of green. This rainbow of color caresses the imagination as it permeates throughout the city of Port Coquitlam.  Autumn heralds a variety of different colors and new shades that further wows the imagination.



Recreational expanses beckon to the outdoorsy type in an unorthodox come-hither fashion to partake of the sweet nectar that brings joy and contentment to the soul. As the sun rises in the east it caresses the dewy grass on the mountain side sending a sweet fragrance to all those who dare stop and take a whiff.



The hustle and bustle of Port Coquitlam creates a welcome distraction from the impending demure attitude that threatens to envelop those with no sense of urgency.  From the point of inception, Port Coquitlam has been a hive of activity…commercial and otherwise. Because it however is primarily a suburban community, its highways are heavily trafficked with copious amounts of toing and froing.



With increased growth comes increased development opportunities and the talented team at Asbestos Vancouver has the right tools for the job. Our ultramodern equipment guarantees the best results for your Asbestos testing, land clearing and other mold remediation and disposal related tasks.


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