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Langley is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in British Columbia. The history of Langley dates back to the early eighteen hundreds. In this time period Langley was the hub for a number of commercial activities including farming and as a transhipment point for furs back to Europe.  Farming activities soon expanded to include salmon and cranberries and provided a vital source of foreign exchange to sustain trade.



After the period of the gold rush in the middle of the eighteen hundreds, Langley rapidly began to lose its importance.  However the growth of the transportation system soon saw Langley reaching great prominence again. Although predominately a rural community, is it still inundated with commercial interest and activity. Traversing Langley is no hassle as there is a bus service that connects this piece of heaven to its neighbours.



Through the challenges that Langley had in the beginning of its establishment, it has remained a little slice of paradise. Remaining a rural city has been a great influence in the Langley of today. There is no franchising allowed in Langley so all the businesses are relatively home-grown. This ensures money circulates within the city which assists in creating wealth for the residents.



‘Rural’ for Langley does not mean ‘lost in time’ like so many other rural communities. Langley has instead evolved from the board and shingle structures of the eighteen hundreds into a modern retrofitted community. The architecture panache has evolved along with the general world trends.



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