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In the early 1800, the City of Ladner rose from the mire. This quaint fishing community was so named after the first settlers…Thomas and William Ladner and is located along the banks of the Fraser River.



Ladner’s unique qualities make it an attractive location to film directors from its old-fashioned coastal scenery and its almost prefect recreation of Main Street USA to its heritage churches. Many film and movie directors have also used its large open landscape, farmlands, wetlands and ocean beaches as setting for their movies. Huge box office hits as well as small screen sensations such as Along came a spider, X-Men: The last stand, Shooter, Supernatural and the X-Files have taken advantage of the rustic beauty to create their Emmy award winning  works of art.



During the summer and on every other Sunday the major streets in Ladner are reserved for the Ladner Village Market. Local vendors are encouraged to display their wares…both hawkers and artisans alike. Vendors for the adjacent cities are also invited to showcase their produce and art as well. Featuring food, live music and entertainment these street transforms from mundane into a street party…of sorts. This street party like atmosphere attracts many visitors and locals alike who come to purchase local produce or just to mix and mingle in a relaxed and cultural atmosphere.



Although mostly Ladner is rural inclined, this is surely in no way an indicator that its lost in time. Ladner still has some of the most beautiful modern dwellings and recreational facilities, coupled with a commercial center as well. It’s a perfect marriage between the commercial, residential and natural elements.



For there to be progress there is surely going to be some form of construction element involved. Asbestos Vancouver have kept abreast with the changing face of technology and the world at large and possess the necessary capabilities to assist in the preparation and completion of any construction related project.


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