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Economic development in Port Moody in recent years has concentrated mainly on arts and culture. It is estimated that approximately six percent of the population of 27,512 is involved in cultural arts of some kind.

Port Moody is rich in commercial and industrial activity which encompasses industries such as the distribution, manufacturing, entrepreneurship and culture.  There are also an ever expanding social services and health sectors which are also great for increased wealth creation.

There are also vast expanses of spaces for recreational activities such as hiking, cycling, jogging or just having fun as Port Moody is home to Rocky Point Park, which is approximately 4 hectares of space. This huge natural park possess hiking, bikes and nature trails, spray and skate parks, a boat launch, recreational pier and a picnic shelter. Port moody is also home to additional parks such as the Golden Spike and Ben Flinn parks.  In the summer, the Rocky Point and Golden Spike parks become inundated with people who enjoy communing with nature. However, as the Ben Flinn Park is a vast expanse of natural untouched green recreational area, it holds more popularity among mountain bikers and dog walkers who want their pooches to experience the call of the wild…being unchained and being free to totally run and romp until they are too tuckered out to want to do anything else but lay down and take a big doggy nap!

With all the things in Port Moody vying for attention we cannot forget to peruse the residential areas and admire the majestically beautiful houses that adds to the already stunning natural décor.

These beautiful modernly design buildings have demonstrated the capabilities of the local architectural experts. In the event you have a new or renovation project on the horizon, let the professionals at Asbestos Vancouver provide you with all the essential services necessary to bring your project to environmentally asbestos free.

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