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Magnificent hotels, elegant eateries and grandiose landscapes herald the city that is New Westminster. Situated nineteen (19) kilometers southwest of Vancouver, New Westminster incorporates the eccentricities of the old world designs and building styles and the cosmopolitan panache’s of the modern world. A melding pot of charm and serenity that embraces the core and explore the unknown…welcome to New Westminster



Steep in British influence and heritage this city has emerged as one of the more recognized cities in Canada. Although coined New Westminster, there is nothing new about this city. Being rich in heritage and cultural nuances, the rule of thumb dictates that the preservation of the environment is paramount when undertaking commercial or residential construction projects.



Asbestos Vancouver is a multifaceted entity in the Asbestos testing and removal business keeping the environment safe. There is no Job too big or minuscule that Asbestos Vancouver cannot handle. As the name suggest, their role in Asbestos is the foundation that this unique business is built upon. However it does not translate to being the only services offered by this ever expanding entity.

Additional services offered by Asbestos Vancouver are geared to satisfy your every construction need. Removal of Asbestos and installing a new insulation is also an essential service offered by Asbestos Vancouver as some of the older buildings can contain this cancer causing agent. There is great environmental and human risk and Asbestos Vancouver is equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to deal with any and all eventualities with asbestos related or otherwise.

When you need to have your job done right, on time and within budget, call the experts at Asbestos Vancouver serving customers in New Westminster. You get the best quality job at the best price guaranteed.

For any Asbestos services in Greater Vancouver, Asbestos Vancouver contractor provides both residential and commercial projects. 

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